Best HVAC Services in Hilton Head SC

10 Best Heating & Air Conditioning in Hilton Head SC

Are you planning to replace your aged HVAC system with a modern, energy-friendly, and more powerful one?

Before making the order, it’s wise to consult a certified and knowledgeable Hilton head heating and air technician. You’ll be able to make better purchasing decisions based on first-hand information from a credible source. Fortunately, this article contains a list of 10 head heating and air conditioning systems recommended by Hilton Head heating and air experts.


  • Day & Night


Day & Night is an American-based air conditioner manufacturer that also produces oil and gas furnaces. To enhance product life, Day & Night uses high-quality components manufactured by globally renowned United Technologies. This production strategy facilitates easy to repair and maintenance. Day & Night provides its customers with  24-hour customer care help.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Split Heating and Air Conditioning

One significant advantage of ductless air conditioning units is the ease of installation. These groups require less space than conventional air conditioners. Mitsubishi Electric Company reports that their modern air-conditioning unit is highly prevalent in both Europe and Japan. The latest unit enables both residential and commercial owners to save energy costs by 29 percent.

Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning

Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning has manufactured HVAC units for over 50 years. Just like Day & Night manufacturers, Bryant sources its HVAC components from United Technologies. They also make ductless air conditioners for small storefronts and large malls. Most Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning AC units have a multi-cooling stage feature that ensures customers enjoy chilled purified air for longer durations.


  • Coleman HVAC


Coleman HVAC systems have a longstanding reputation for durability.  Owning a Coleman HVAC system enables you to minimize energy costs and entitles you to a 10-year warranty. Unlike most central air conditioning units, Coleman HVAC units are silent. Another reason why Coleman dominates a significant share of the HVAC market is that it manufactures all its components locally.


  • Lennox HVAC


Most Hilton head heating and air conditioner technicians recommend Lennox HVAC units for home use. They come with a 10-year warranty and have superior energy-saving features. Lennox HVAC units contain two-stage compressors.


  • Amana HVAC


Amana helps you to save energy and still enjoy an unlimited supply of purified and temperature regulated air thanks to its two-speed fan. It also contains R-410A, which complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s refrigerant policies.


  • American Standard HVAC


American Standard HVAC manufacturers have earned a reputation for consistently producing low-energy consumption units. It comes with an advanced humidity control feature and low compression modes.


  • Goodman HVAC


If you’re looking for a high-performance HVAC that purrs as gently as a kitten, a Goodman HVAC is what you need. Goodman HVAC units contain high-density foam compressors to minimize noise emissions.


  • Rheem HVAC


Rheem central air conditioners contain louvered jackets that protect internal components from adverse humidity and dust. It also has a multi-stage compressor system and two-speed fan.


  • Trane HVAC


Trane HVAC began its operations in the year 1913. It has various commercial and residential HVAC units that have low-energy requirements and excellent air purification systems.